September 3, 2015
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How Instagram can boost your photography business

Part 1 of 2
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Article by Jane Grates of Sleeklens


 In today’s world, having a basic knowledge of social media is a must, if you plan to become an independent businessperson. Next to SEO and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram stands out as a lifesaver for photographers, regardless of their skills. This is why we might ask ourselves, “How can Instagram boost my photography business?” Let’s go through some facts.

Instagram is an app meant for photo and video sharing with a brief caption and hashtags. The system works like this:

  • You create a profile at Instagram.
  • Start following people (it can be friends and relatives, famous people with official Instagram accounts, or somebody totally new to you)
  • Post pictures with caption/hashtag.
  • People start following you.

The more followers you have, the more “influential” you become. Just adding pictures and getting tons of followers is not enough, however, especially if you are not a famous person with a lot of public or media exposure. Thus, we get to the key point that will help us to expand our photography business: learning how to get followers.

Split your intent: Public vs. Private

If you plan to use your Instagram account for boosting your business, don’t upload pictures that apply to your own personal life. By this, I mean no football, political, religions, music or social stuff, or to put it concisely, don’t upload sensitive content or content that may label you in a negative way. People are quite sensitive regarding certain topics, and by doing something like, making a joke about a famous singer. You may be insulting some of his fans, which could cause you the loss of a good chunk of potential followers. Not to mention that this impact could be multiplied if you talked about religion or politics.

Keep it cool and try to upload pictures that are only relative to your work. Of course, you can upload a picture of your daily life from time to time, this “humanizes” your profile a bit more, but don’t overload your profile with selfies. You want to boost your business exposure, not your personal life.

Be selective

More is not always better. Keep your standards high when selecting photographs to upload to Instagram. Only show your best work.

It’s important to post regularly, but don’t upload pictures every five seconds. Four to five times per week is more than enough for most trending users. Adding contend consistently will allow you to catch new followers, as they will follow you so they won’t miss any of your posts.

Follow and interact with users that inspire your work

If you work with architectural photography, it is a good idea to Google the most trending accounts in the area of architectural photography. This can include architectural studios, professional photographers and users’ communities. The same applies to any other topic related to your business. By following and interacting with those trending accounts, you are not only gaining knowledge, but also exposing your profile address to their followers. If they check your account, and its content appeals to them, there’s a good chance they will follow you. specializes in products for Lightroom and Photoshop. You can connect with them on Facebook or Twitter. You can also read their blog which is frequently updated with new tutorials.

August 7, 2015
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A Day At The Eastern End Of The Grand Canyon

We went to the Grand Canyon a week ago. This time we visited the Eastern side. The scenery going through the Indian Reservation is amazing, especially the Little Colorado Gorge area. And if you go that way, be sure to eat at the Cameron Trading Post. They have great food.

Here’s the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon, and the tiny Desert View Watchtower at the big canyon.

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July 30, 2015
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Comments Off on Jeff’s Arizona Adventures – Butterfly Wonderland

Jeff’s Arizona Adventures – Butterfly Wonderland

(Click on an image to enlarge)

Arizona is a nature photographer’s dream. We have mountains (regular and volcanic), deserts (regular and painted), forests (regular and petrified), canyons (that big one in northern Arizona) and much more. But every so often you want more, you want something different, and that’s where man-made environments come in. These artificial environments give you a chance to photograph plants, flowers and animals that you wouldn’t find when you trek around Arizona. You have your choice of zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums, aviaries and my favorite, Butterfly Wonderland.

Butterfly Wonderland is in Scottsdale and features many different tropical butterflies, or flutterbys as I call them. I mean, what the heck is a “butter fly?” When I see them go past me, they “flutter by.” But I digress.

Before you see the flutterbys, you pass through the Emergence Gallery. Here, in a glass case, there are rows of cocoons, or chrysalides, which range from tiny to huge. Some cocoons look like pieces of jewelry, while others look eerie and I half expected a tiny vampire to climb out at any moment.Usually, there are several newly emerged flutterbys in the case. It’s a great opportunity to photograph them as their wings slowly fill with blood, unfold and begin to flap for the first time. This room can get pretty crowded when the flutterby movie from the next room lets out. Just wait a few minutes, the crowd will move on and you will have the room to yourself.

Jewel like cocoons

Jewel like cocoons

Do you see a vampire?

Do you see a vampire?


When you’ve taken enough photographs of chrysalides, you can move on to the main event, The Conservatory. This is the largest flutterby atrium in the United States. It houses thousands of these fragile creatures. Most of them are tropical species, so it’s warm and humid inside.


Be sure to have some lens tissue to wipe condensation off the front of your lens until it acclimates to the temperature. The roof of the atrium is glass, which provides ample light on sunny days. You may need to boost your ISO if you’re in an area with plants overhead. If you have a ring light, it would be a good idea to bring it as it will freeze any movement of the flutterby’s wings.


Flutterbys are one of my favorite creatures to photograph. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. As a rule, you can get pretty close to them without them taking flight. They are so used to people in the atrium, that I was able to get very close to most of the flutterbys without them flying off, even using my macro lens. This gives you a lot of great photographic opportunities.


I do have one warning. We were there on a rainy day. Actually, the sky opened, the wind howled and there was widespread flooding and wind damage in the area. During the storm, rain leaked through the glass roof in many places, so be prepared to protect your gear in this situation.


Besides the joy of being surrounded by flitting flutterbys, they will also land on you, so be careful not to hurt these flying jewels that may be using you as their own private transit system. On your way out of the atrium a staff member will inspect you to make sure none of these critters are hitching a ride.


Head on over to Butterfly Wonderland and spend the day in a tropical rain forest filled with brilliant colors flitting all around you, just waiting to be photographed.





June 10, 2015
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Comments Off on Has Someone Stolen Your Photograph?

Has Someone Stolen Your Photograph?

Has someone stolen your photograph? Then let the ASMP know. The copyright office and congress are going to make changes to copyright law for the first time in 40 years, and the ASMP wants to be sure it favors photographers.

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June 9, 2015
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Comments Off on New Ebook – How To Find Models Anywhere

New Ebook – How To Find Models Anywhere


Do you think you can’t find models to photograph because:

  • You live in a small town
  • You’re an amateur photographer instead of a pro
  • You can’t afford to pay a model any money

Well, think again. None of these excuses is true. You can find people to model for you no matter where you live, what your skill level or your budget.

How To Find Models, Anywhere is exactly what you’re looking for.

In this book you will find 10 areas where you can look for models, which will give you a wide variety of models to select from for your projects.

Once you find a potential model, you can’t just walk up and ask if they will pose for you. You need certain things in place to increase your chances of success. You want to come across as a professional, someone who’s serious about making great photographs and not some sleazy guy with a camera.

How To Find Models, Anywhere will show you how to present yourself as a professional photographer.

This ebook will not only show you many places to find models, but it will also show you:

  • How to approach a potential model in a professional way
  • What forms and handouts you will need and includes samples you can use
  • How you can offer compensation in the form of prints or images
  • How to deal with physical flaws of the face and body
  • Shoot checklists for both the photographer and the model
  • Much more

This ebook will point you in the right direction to find models, and have everything in place to present a professional image, which will increase your chances of having a person agree to model for you

Don’t wait another minute to start photographing models.

Order NOW and learn how to find models with ease!

And remember, How To Find Models, Anywhere makes a great gift for any of your family and friends who are photographers.

You can instantly download How To Find Models, Anywhere!
Buy this ebook, and you’ll receive a download link by e-mail.
Get immediate access to this vital information, NOW!