February 3, 2021
by admin

Photographers – Personal Security While Out In Nature


When you’re out taking photographs in nature, you need to be responsible for your own security. If you’re like me, you can be hours away from any law enforcement, while carrying a few thousand dollars of camera gear. In this video I talk about a couple tools I use for my security and to protect my gear.

I hope you enjoy this video. How do you protect yourself and your gear out in nature?

Check out my other videos on my YouTube channel

Have Fun,

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January 28, 2021
by admin

Photograph Storm Clouds


I hope you’re all enjoying winter. We had snow last week for the first time in a few years. I love watching the flakes drift down and cover everything with a blanket of white.

Don’t forget to go and take photos before, during and after a storm. Some of my best photos were taken while out in rain or snow.

Edge of a storm.

Be sure to dress you and your camera properly, and stay safe. Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t take risks. I don’t mind being cold and wet, but I avoid injury at all cost.

When shooting storms and clouds, look for the unusual, as I showed above, and for the power of Nature, like this moon over a storm cloud.

Moon over a storm cloud.

Having a checklist to go over before you leave the house will help you remember every you need for the shoot. Since you don’t go out shooting in storms often, it’s easy to forget something. The checklist will be sure you have every you need with you to take great photos.

I also shoot lightning, and have a lightning bag. It has all of my special lightning gear, including: a window mount for the camera, a lightning trigger, Rainsleeve, headlamp and more. I keep it in a corner of my office next to my umbrella. I check my list, grab the bag and umbrella and head out.

Lightning - Lightning0198
Lightning in a storm, and a little closer than I like.

If you’re interested in photographing lightning, don’t. Only suicidal idiots go outside during a lightning storm, but if you’re like me and just can’t help yourself, go to my articles page I have two articles there about photographing lightning, “How To Photograph Lightning, And Live To Tell About It” and “The Lightning Bug Lightning Trigger.”

Being willing to shoot in all types of weather will open up all kinds of photo opportunities for you.

Have Fun,

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January 7, 2021
by admin
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Have The Perfect Portfolio

Hi Everyone,

Make this the best New Year your photography business has ever had. Update your portfolio to give you the best chance of success. Check out my ebook, How To Assemble And Show Your Portfolio, at

how to assemble and show your portfolio ebook

You’ll not only learn how to put together a top-notch portfolio, but how to show your portfolio in a professional manner and what follow-up you need to do after your presentation.

You will:

  • Have access to my years of experience.
  • Be able to avoid common mistakes that every beginner makes.
  • Cut years off of your learning curve.
  • Look like a pro on your first presentation.
  • Show your clients that you know what you’re doing, and will not waste their time or money.

Don’t wait another minute to make this year your year.

Have Fun,

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January 6, 2021
by admin
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Farewell 2020

We all know the major issues with this year, and with some luck they will be just a memory by the end of 2021.

But what’s the deal with our, and some friend’s, electronics? November and December was strange in that almost all of our electronics broke. We had to buy:

  • A TV.
  • Cable modem.
  • DVD player (but I can’t complain about this since the one that broke lasted for 17 years).
Then this:
  • We had to upgrade the software in our wireless router.
  • My computer crashed so badly that I was just barely able to fix it.
  • And our new phones needed upgraded SIM cards, some rewiring at Consumer Cellular and they hadn’t turned on our access to data.

But now we have new stuff and everything is working.

When my computer crashed I wasn’t worried about losing any photos as I back them up, and everything else on my computer, onto two external hard drives.

Farewell 2020, and may we never see your ilk again.

Have Fun,

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December 23, 2020
by admin
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Happy Holidays Everyone

Celebrate and share the love that is Christmas.
May all the joys of this season be yours,
Jeff and Linda-Ann

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December 7, 2020
by admin
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Have A Happy, And Slightly Twisted, 2020 Holiday Season

Following are some of my favorite Holiday music videos. You’ll find the entire spectrum from traditional to shall we say, unique. I hope you enjoy them.

It’s not often you see Christmas trees arguing, but here they are.

Lindsey Sterling, an amazing hip-hop violinist with some great moves. Listen to her perform Carol of the Bells, Hallelujah and Santa Baby.

Next is Pentatonix, an acappella group whose voices blend beautifully. Listen to their versions of Hallelujah, Little Drummer Boy and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

I’ve always been a big fan of Jewel’s music and poetry, and was fortunate enough to see her in concert once. Listen to her amazing voice as she sings Ave Maria.

There’s always someone who thinks Christmas us just a bunch of Bah Humbug. This video is for you. I hope you enjoy Carol of the Old Ones.

My favorite irreverent Christmas song is The 12 Pains Of Christmas. Have a listen.

Karen Carpenter was an amazing singer, and left us all far too soon. Listen to Merry Christmas Darling by The Carpenters.

I’ve always liked Gloria Estefan’s voice and music. I was even a member of the Press when she dedicated her statue to the Wax Museum in Buena Park, California. I have some great pictures of that event too.

Christmas is more than presents and parties. It’s about reaching out to those in need, righting the wrongs in the world and putting the Christmas Spirit in all we do, all year long. In this video you’ll see wrongs that need to be righted, and successes that have been achieved. We can all do something, big or small, to help others. Go out and help others. Hear Silent Night by Gloria Estefan.

Many years ago there was a great Christmas special called “A Claymation Christmas.” It shows the amazing things that can be done with this form of animation. I hope you enjoy these videos, and remember, it’s all done with clay. Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer and Joy To The World.

The Piano Guys make some great music. Check out Carol Of The Bells and O come, O come, Emmanuel.

Another great piece of Christmas music is the Christmas Canon by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Is it really Christmas without hearing Madonna sing Santa Baby?

And finally, if you think you have a great light display on your house, check out this and this one too.

What’s your favorite holiday video?

Have a Great Holiday Season! Party on!!!

Have Fun,

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October 24, 2020
by admin
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Busy, Busy, Busy


What is everyone up to?

I’ve been busy. I’m doing a free trial of On1 Photo RAW. I’m 99% sure I’ll buy it to replace my old Lightroom program.

I’m also getting my last two ebooks ready to go onto Barnes and Noble. Once that’s done I can start working on the next four books I’m dying to write. You can see my current books at or go to and search for Jeff Colburn.

I’m also getting my photos ready for submission to microstock, stock and specialty stock sites.

And once that’s all done, it’s back to writing magazine articles and creating regular and composite photos for the above sites. Actually, I’ve started doing composites and I’m having fun doing them.

Have Fun,

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October 8, 2020
by admin
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More Of My Books On Barnes And Noble

Hi Everyone,

Great news, my three photography ebooks are now available as Barnes and Noble Nook Books. That brings my Nook Book total to five.

My three photography ebooks:

  • How To Find Models Anywhere
  • 25 Places To Sell Your Photographs And Photography Skills
  • How To Assemble And Show Your Portfolio
25 Places To Sell Your Photographs And Photography Skills ebook
How To Find Models Anywhere ebook
How To Assemble And Show Your Photography Portfolio ebook

Joins my two ebooks for writers:

  • The Writer’s Answer Book
  • The Writer’s Resource Book Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror And Mythology

If you’re a writer or photographer, or like me, both, check out my ebooks. They will help you to improve your writing and photography, make money, increase sales and answer many questions you have in these fields.

Head on over to to check them out, or go to and do a search for Jeff Colburn.

If you have any questions about writing or photography, let me know.

Have Fun,

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October 7, 2020
by admin
Comments Off on E-Staycation – Jeff’s Colorado Adventures – Mesa Verde National Park

E-Staycation – Jeff’s Colorado Adventures – Mesa Verde National Park

Hi Everyone,

This week’s E-Staycation will take you to the Mesa Verde National Park.

There are some amazing ruins here. You can take both walking and driving tours, and there is so much to see. You want to check when these ruins will close for the season. Two ruins closed three days before we left on our trip at the end of September, and the other ruin closes from about mid-October through mid-April, due to snow.

Spruce Tree House

Check out my article and photos of this great national park at

Have Fun,

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September 17, 2020
by admin
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The Writer’s Resource Book Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror And Mythology

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