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Jeff Colburn, PO Box 1080, Cottonwood, AZ 86326, (928) 600-5400

Jeff has been a published writer and photographer for over 40 years.

His first illustrated article was published when he was a freshman in college. From there his career grew to include not only writing for publications, but commercial and stock photography. Since moving to Arizona, Jeff’s photography has focused on Fine Art and stock.

Currently, Jeff maintains a Fine Art and Stock Photography website ( a website for his many ebooks ( and a blog for those who use and create photographs (

You can see his Fine Art prints in the New State Motor Building Gallery, Jerome, Arizona. They are perfect for decorating homes, offices and businesses.

For a time, Jeff was a member of the press where he covered newsworthy events in southern California, including:

  • Marlee Matlin, Academy Award Winning actress, when she appeared at Planet Hollywood to donate movie memorabilia and have her handprints put into cement.
  • Gloria Estefan, Grammy Award winning singer, when she appeared at the Hollywood Wax Museum to dedicate her likeness.
  • The 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, CA.

Jeff has also written seven e-books:

  • How To Find Models Anywhere
  • 25 Places To Sell Your Photographs And Photography Skills
  • The Vanishing Old West – Jerome
  • How To Assemble And Show Your Portfolio
  • The Writer’s Resource Book Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror And Mythology
  • The Writer’s Answer Book
  • The Youngest Ninja

You can see the ebooks at

Following are some of the over 100 publications, businesses, organizations and websites that have used Jeff’s writing and/or photography skills:

  • Absolute Write
  • Aphelion
  • California State University Long Beach
  • Cutter Magazine
  • Forty-Niner Newspaper
  • Hadrosaur Tales
  • Improving Me
  • Inscriptions
  • Inside Reports
  • Irvine Fine Arts Center
  • National Management Association Bulletin
  • Sedona Monthly magazine
  • Shutterbug magazine
  • Smith Tool Corporation
  • The Writing Life
  • Tourist Traveler
  • Verde Independent newspaper

Photographs Exhibited At:

  • Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona
  • New State Motor Building Gallery, Jerome, Arizona

Jeff Colburn, PO Box 1080, Cottonwood, AZ 86326, (928) 600-5400

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