An Old House In Jerome

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I will often stroll around old towns, just to explore and see what I find. This was a house that was built on stilts. It was condemned as it was toward another house. A couple of weeks before it was to be demolished, a contractor bought it.

He replaced the stilts with a cinder block basement, which added more usable space. Then, over the course of a few years, he rebuilt the house. It looks brand new, but in Jerome, if you remodel or tear down a home, you have to use a certain amount of the original building material in the new home. I think it’s 10%. This lets Jerome keep it’s “historical” classification in the state.

I’ve seen remodeled homes that left old doors, beams and columns in the house, and boards from a kitchen floor used to make a wrap-around porch.

Much of the wood in this house was destroyed by the elements, and pieces of the outside wall were missing. You could look right into the house through these large holes.

Canon Rebel XSi / 18-55 mm kit lens at 55 mm / ISO 100 / 1/20 / f/13

The day I was there, the wind had grabbed the curtain and blown it out of the window, where it snagged onto the wood. I went back the next day to take some more photos, but the curtain was back inside the house.

You never know what you’ll find when you want around, but take lots of photos, because you never know if some great subject you find will be there tomorrow.

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