Business Tip – Trade Shows

Trade Shows give you a lot of opportunities to use photographs. Using the right photos will increase the traffic to your table so you can promote your product/service to more people. Bright colors, action and beauty always catch people’s attention.
Let me know how well this tip worked for you.
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Business Tip -Trade-Shows

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  1. So if I was doing a show where I am selling jewelry, would it be beneficial to have a couple of large photos of my jewelry or does this really apply only to photography venues?

    • Hi Greg,

      Thanks for commenting on my post.

      I would definitely show photos of your jewelry. These photos will attract the attention of people who like your design style, and will increase the number of potential customers showing up to an event. They will also draw attention to your booth. Have a couple hung up high enough so that people can see them over the heads of a crowd. It will also keep away people who don’t like your design style, so you can focus on real potential buyers and not waste your time with people who aren’t really interested.

      Include the photos on any social networks, fliers, mailers or any other way you reach out to the public to promote your work.

      Have Fun,