Ebook Sales Still Dropping

Hi Everyone,

If you’re like me, and write books, You should know that the sales of ebooks keeps dropping. In 2015, ebooks accounted for 27% of book sales, by 2016 it was 23% and 2019 saw it drop to 20%.

As of today, all of my books are ebooks. (You can see my ebooks here Like most independent writers it made sense to go this route instead of printing hundreds of copies of each of my seven books. Then having to store, and eventually ship them.

But after finding out the above statistics from this article on Writer’s Weekly, I see that I must make some changes. Over the past few years the Print On Demand industry has grown, allowing independents like myself to offer books in print and ebook versions.

I’m still checking out some details, but in the near future I will be offering printed versions of my books for photographers, writers and children. I’m looking at doing this through Amazon.

I will let everyone know when printed books are available. I just have to set everything up in my copious amounts of spare time.

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