Farewell 2020

We all know the major issues with this year, and with some luck they will be just a memory by the end of 2021.

But what’s the deal with our, and some friend’s, electronics? November and December was strange in that almost all of our electronics broke. We had to buy:

  • A TV.
  • Cable modem.
  • DVD player (but I can’t complain about this since the one that broke lasted for 17 years).
Then this:
  • We had to upgrade the software in our wireless router.
  • My computer crashed so badly that I was just barely able to fix it.
  • And our new phones needed upgraded SIM cards, some rewiring at Consumer Cellular and they hadn’t turned on our access to data.

But now we have new stuff and everything is working.

When my computer crashed I wasn’t worried about losing any photos as I back them up, and everything else on my computer, onto two external hard drives.

Farewell 2020, and may we never see your ilk again.

Have Fun,

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