I’m Going To Be On TV

I’m Going To Be On TV

By day, I’m a mild mannered photographer, but by night I work front desk at a hotel. Hey, I have to pay the bills somehow.

For several days I’ve known that Barry Weiss of “Storage Wars” fame was coming to the Jerome Grand Hotel. He was bringing a production crew and they were going to film an episode of his new A&E television show, “Barry’s Treasure” in Jerome, AZ.

At about 9:00 pm Barry, and 13 members of his cast and crew, arrived. I handed out keys and expected them to head to their rooms, but NOOOOO! Fifteen minutes later I was miked, and shooting a scene with Barry and two other actors.

It started out with me checking them in, giving them keys, and talking about the history of the town, hotel and all the ghosts to be found. They left my area and shot a few scenes in different rooms, then came back and we did a scene where I was helping them make a call to one of the actor’s rooms to scare him because he was afraid of the 20 ghosts in the hotel. They used me in scenes, off and on, for about two and a half hours.

There was no script, and except for a few suggestions from the production crew, we adlibbed everything. Fortunately, I’m very good at being spontaneous, so I had no problem creating dialog and making jokes. The whole thing was really a lot of fun.

I’ve worked with movie crews before, but this was my first experience with a TV cast and crew. All I can say is, everyone was great. The cast and crew were professional and a lot of fun. We talked and joked the whole time, even when they had me sign a two page release form, took my contact information and my picture. The legal department wants all the bases covered.

All of you are probably wondering what I will be paid for lending my considerable knowledge about Jerome, and my acting skills, to the production of the TV show. I’ll be paid the same as most people want to pay professional photographers for their time, $0.

I would have loved to receive a couple grand, or at least SAG’s minimum pay rate, but such is life in Hollywood, and Jerome.

The whole experience was a ton of fun, and I had a great time. Barry is really a fun and laid back guy, and I laughed more in those few hours than I had for the previous week.

Keep an eye out for “Barry’s Treasure” on A&E. I’m not sure when it will air, but I’ll let you know.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my limo is waiting to take me to Spago in Beverly Hills. My people are going to talk with their people about a thing.

See you in Tinseltown.

Have Fun,

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