Photography Magazine Subscribers Beware

Hello Everyone,

If you’re going to subscribe to a photography magazine, or any magazine, be careful and don’t let the magazine take advantage of you.

On August 5th I paid for a two-year subscription to a well known photography magazine. Then on October 2nd I received the August and September issue, and on October 4th I received the October issue. I didn’t mind receiving the two old issues too much as I didn’t have them. At least it’s not like another photography magazine that sent me a large envelope containing nine months of back issues. It’s a nasty technique that some magazines use to get old issues out of their warehouse.

The other problem with my most recent subscription is that the expiration date on the address label was three months premature. They were going to send me 21 issues, instead of the 24 I had paid for. A phone call to the subscription department, which was listed on their website, fixed this problem.

So basically, they sent me two old issues and tried to cut three issues off of the end of my subscription. That’s not very professional, and down right criminal.

Be sure to check your subscription, and stand up for your rights.

Caveat emptor!

Have Fun,

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