Photograph Storm Clouds


I hope you’re all enjoying winter. We had snow last week for the first time in a few years. I love watching the flakes drift down and cover everything with a blanket of white.

Don’t forget to go and take photos before, during and after a storm. Some of my best photos were taken while out in rain or snow.

Edge of a storm.

Be sure to dress you and your camera properly, and stay safe. Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t take risks. I don’t mind being cold and wet, but I avoid injury at all cost.

When shooting storms and clouds, look for the unusual, as I showed above, and for the power of Nature, like this moon over a storm cloud.

Moon over a storm cloud.

Having a checklist to go over before you leave the house will help you remember every you need for the shoot. Since you don’t go out shooting in storms often, it’s easy to forget something. The checklist will be sure you have every you need with you to take great photos.

I also shoot lightning, and have a lightning bag. It has all of my special lightning gear, including: a window mount for the camera, a lightning trigger, Rainsleeve, headlamp and more. I keep it in a corner of my office next to my umbrella. I check my list, grab the bag and umbrella and head out.

Lightning - Lightning0198
Lightning in a storm, and a little closer than I like.

If you’re interested in photographing lightning, don’t. Only suicidal idiots go outside during a lightning storm, but if you’re like me and just can’t help yourself, go to my articles page I have two articles there about photographing lightning, “How To Photograph Lightning, And Live To Tell About It” and “The Lightning Bug Lightning Trigger.”

Being willing to shoot in all types of weather will open up all kinds of photo opportunities for you.

Have Fun,

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