Why I Photograph What I Photograph

Hi Everyone,

When I’m out taking photographs, I have one question that I keep in mind when I find an interesting subject. How will I use this photograph?

I have my fingers in a lot of pies, so the end use determines how I photograph something, and I may shoot it several ways to meet my needs.

As I look at my subject I ask myself if I’m going to use it for:

  • Fine Art
  • A magazine article
  • A post on my blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest
  • To record something from the past
  • Stock use
  • An ebook
  • An element that will be combined with another photo
  • Or just to have because I like it, and I’ll figure out what to do with it later

Your needs may be different than mine, but knowing how an image will be used can determine how it should be photographed.


When I photographed this old door I was attracted by both the weathered wood and a hinge that was unlike any hinge I’d seen before.  I could use it in my ebook, The Vanishing Old West – Jerome, for stock and in magazines articles about the Old West, old buildings, vanishing history and more.

By knowing how I would use it, I knew the best way to photograph it was in a journalistic style.

Don’t just take a pretty picture, but think how it can convey the feeling you had when you saw it, and how you’re going to share it with the world or just your friends.

Have Fun,

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