Photo – Belly Dancer’s Belt

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Most of my work is landscape and nature photography, but I never pass up the chance to photograph anything that will make a good image.

Canon Rebel XSi / Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens at 55mm / 1/100 / f/5.6 / ISO 100 / Hand Held

This image was taken at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. We go there every year. It’s a great source for photographs of performers, buildings, costumes, fabric and much more.

This photograph is part of a costume for a belly dancer. The belt had so many wonderful shapes and colors, that I had to create this photograph.

One tip about shooting at the Festival, if you see something you want to photograph, take the picture immediately. Light and weather change, things get moved around or sold, shadows appear and disappear. You never know if that great image will be there five minutes later. Carpe Imago, Seize The Image.

Go out there and shoot whatever you want to shoot. Leave your comfort zone regularly to stay creative and fresh.

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