Photo – Cracked Mud

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I love to photograph mud that had dried and cracked. There are so many interesting shapes, textures and patterns. And sometimes the mud is very thin and curls, while other times it’s thick and flat, like in this photo.

I discovered this cracked mud next to the road in Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, and spent about an hour shooting there. Every time I go to this area I hope to get more photographs of dried mud, but ever since that trip the area has been covered in plants. It would take a huge rain storm to wash all the plants away and create a mud flat again. But that has not happened in the twelve years since I took the photographs.

That’s why if I see something in nature that I want to photograph, I do it then and there. Every time I’ve said, “I’ll come back and shoot this next time,” I regret the decision. Because when I return, what I was going to shoot is gone. Even if I go back the next day. Nature changes too quickly to expect anything to last.

When you see something that will make a good photograph, take the picture. You don’t want to have any regrets about that great photograph you didn’t take.

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