Photo – Lightning Explodes Granite


You’re watching a lightning storm and a bolt slams into the ground. Do you know what that does to the point of impact? If it’s sand, it makes glass, called a Fulgurite. But if it hits granite, it looks like the photo. You can see my large, manly foot to give you an idea of size.

We were hiking in the Granite Dells of Prescott and came across a flat rock area where several bolts of lightning had struck sometime in the past. You can see that the power of the bolt exploded some of the rock, revealing the lighter colored rock that hasn’t been weathered. The black chunk is a piece of granite that’s blackened on one side. Just above that are two small pieces of wood. About half of each piece of wood has been turned to charcoal.

When you consider that a lightning bolt is very hot, 53,540 degrees F (29,726.6 Celsius) it can do a lot of damage. In comparison, the surface of the Sun is only 10,340 degrees F (5,726.6 Celsius).

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Lightning Strike

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