Tracking Fall Colors 2021

I see butterflies are everywhere. I easily see a dozen on my one minute walk to the mail box. Seeing them flit by reminds me of fall, when orange and red leaves flutter from tree to forest floor.

Soon, fall colors will be here. The reds, yellows, oranges and other colors will be popping up everywhere, so grab your camera and take some great photographs of Mother Nature’s big show.

To help you get the most out of your shooting, I’ve updated my annual list of links about fall colors and where to find them. Since I live in Arizona, I’ve put together a special section for my state. But I also have an extensive listing for the rest of the country and a listing for Canada. There are also links to articles to help you take great photographs of Nature’s display of color.

As you go to these websites, you will often find many links to other sites. You could easily spend an entire day following link after link, or just go to the main pages I have listed here.

I hope you get some fantastic photographs this year. Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your images of changing colors. I’m sure everyone would love to see them. And if you have a favorite place to shoot that’s not on my list, let me know.

Have Fun,


Fall Colors on the Coconino – This Coconino National Forest site explains why leaves change colors, what trees produce what colors, and hikes to see this wonder of nature.

Fall Colors in Arizona – Links to sites for fall colors, broken down by the month they change color.

Leaf-ometer – It tells how the leaves are changing around Flagstaff.

Kachina Trail

The Pinal Mountains near Globe offer several trails with maples, sumacs and sycamores that change color. Colors usually peak in late October. Check out the Ice House Canyon trial, Six-Shooter Canyon trail and the Pinal Mountain Range. Ice House can be hard to find, so get directions from the Ranger station in Globe.

The Rest Of The Country

California Fall Foliage – Links to changing colors across California.

Colorado Fall Foliage – Links to changing colors across Colorado.

Fall Foliage Articles – Links to changing colors and webcams across the United States.

Nationwide Fall Foliage – Links to changing colors all across the United States.

15 Epic Fall Foliage Drives with Kids – The title says it all. And these drives are all over the country.

Fall Foliage Prediction Map – Use the slider to see when colors may change, and by how much, everywhere in the country.

Natural History Coverage – California – Lots of links for California’s changing colors.

Natural History Wanderings – Colorado – Plenty of links for Colorado.

Fall Colors – The Great Smokey Mountains – A National Park Service site with detailed information about leaves changing color in the Great Smokey Mountains, as well as hikes and drives to take.

Fall Color Report – Minnesota – Detailed information on where the leaves are changing color in Minnesota.

Fall Color Report – Wisconsin – Detailed information on color changes, and when the colors will peak.

Current Fall Foliage – The Weather Channel has a map of the U.S. showing where the leaves are changing colors by region.

Natural History Wandering – National – A list of links to National, State and Regional tracking sites.

Leef Peepers – Links and phone numbers for fall foliage information for New England, Midwest, Rockies, West and South.

National Fall Color Website – See a national map showing color changes and select a state or forest to see events in the area.

The Foliage Network – Lots of information and videos on Fall Foliage for the Midwest and East.

State by State Guide to Fall Foliage – An site with information on changing colors in many states.

Travel Notes – A list of links from various states.

Natural History Wanderings – Webcams and Articles – Webcams, so you can see what’s really happening out there.

There’s a National Fall Color Hotline too, 1-800-354-4595. Call this number and choose the area of the country you’re interested in and get information on leaf color, scenic drives, peak times for the colors and other fall activities.


Natural History Wanderings – A list of several sites that track changing colors in Canada.


How To Take Photographs On A Windy Day – This is one of my articles, and it will help you get great photos of fall colors even if there’s a little breeze, or howling wind, when you arrive at your shooting destination.

Natural History Wanderings – Articles – This page has links to articles that will help you take great photos of the fall colors.

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